Group therapy can be an excellent way to learn new skills. If you have a group with a particular need, contact Dr. Rochford.

Services Provided
Social Services or Court-Related Evaluations
I offer:
  • Psychological evaluations for court use, including for adults, juveniles, and children.
Click here for a description of court-related evaluations and estimated costs.

Program to improve attention & memory
Similar to programs like Lumosity, Cogmed is a well-researched program for children, teens, and adults with symptoms of ADHD, designed to improve working memory via computer games. 

Psychological and School-Related Evaluations
Evaluations can assist with diagnosing, treatment planning, and school interventions. I offer: 
  • Diagnosis of any psychological or learning problem, including ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental delay, autism spectrum, mood, anxiety, thought disorder, attachment disorder, and other problems.
  • Educational evaluations to assist with IEPs or 504 plans.
  • School observations and recommendations.
Click here for a description of psychological or school-related evaluations and estimated costs.

Costs: $175 for initial appointment, $150 for additional sessions. Testing starts at $300 but most evaluations are $1200. Some cost reduction available as needed. Insurance not accepted, but I am happy to bill your insurer for possible reimbursement directly to you. Reimbursement is according to out-of-network provider rules, and begins after you've met your deductible. Ask your insurance company for more information.

Specialties in the therapy I provide include:
  • EMDR for the treatment of traumatic stress or unresolved anxiety or depression
Child-Parent Relationship Therapy