Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

Provides in-depth information on an individual’s functioning in three primary areas: cognitive, emotional-behavioral, and personality including coping skills and relationship patterns. Useful for diagnostic formulation when more than one psychological difficulty is present. Includes IQ and academic achievement testing for students who may need accommodations at school/college and analysis of intellectual functioning in relation to learning or employment. Report with extensive recommendations and identification of potential resources based on findings. Cost: $1400.

Parenting Capacity and Attachment Evaluations 

Useful when a psychological evaluation of either a caregiver or child is needed, along with a need for information regarding a caregiver’s parenting capacity, quality of a current attachment bond, and capacity for future secure attachment with a child. Useful especially when child custody is in question. Includes full psychological testing of either the caregiver or child, assessment of attachment behaviors and histories of caregiver and child, and caregiver-child observations. Cost: $2000, with $1200 for additional parent and $800 for each additional child.

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Please note: 
I am out-of-network for all insurance providers. 
Payment required at time of service.
Assessments only offered at this time (no therapy/counseling). 
All in-person testing sessions. Masks required. Vaccination for Covid-19 preferred.
Psychoeducational Evaluations

Full psychoeducational evaluation or Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) to assess for the possibilities of ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, developmental delay including autism, intellectual delay, depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions and their impact on functioning and performance. Includes Wechsler or other IQ test and Kaufman or other academic testing. Information provided by caregivers, teachers, and others as needed. Cost: $900 to $1400 depending on case complexity. With extensive record review: $1800. For IQ test only, such as for gifted education consideration: $400.

​Brief Psychological Assessments
Limited assessments and reports for specific difficulties or consultations, $125/hour.

Additional Services

Court: Time for preparation and attendance $150/hour, with $400 minimum.
Over ½ day: $150/hour.

Phone consultations, form completions, reports for agencies, other paperwork: $100/hour. 

Supervision: On an as-needed or regular basis, to individuals or agencies. Cost: $100/hour. 

Workshops: $150/hour.

Some services pro bono or reduced rates. Feel free to inquire.